Key Changes Music Therapy

Key Changes Music Therapy 
We have been providing Music Therapy in Hampshire and its neighbouring counties since 1996 as the Hampshire branch of the MusicSpace Trust. In November 2008, we became an independent charity and took on our new name: Key Changes Music Therapy.

Music therapy is a creative therapy, a highly effective largely non-verbal approach to personal therapy. It is increasingly recognised as a valuable part of the care of people, of all ages, who have sensory, physical, learning or neurological disabilities, or who have emotional or behavioural problems. For many, the powers of speech are at best limited.
Music therapy is used to help people work through emotional issues enabling them to cope better with their lives.
In music therapy, although the emphasis is on the process of creating music in a live and spontaneous way, musical skills are not required for someone to benefit from this special work. Over time, a trusting relationship can develop through the music which therapist and client create together. This, in turn, can facilitate physical, mental, social and emotional development.

You, like us, know how important music is in life, both for enjoyment and also personal fulfilment. Here at Key Changes, our therapists are also able to make music speak for many people for whom communication is difficult. Bringing music to them on a regular basis through music therapy can have a far reaching and long-lasting effect on their lives. Funding is always difficult for us to find, and we are determined that the inevitable reduction in funds available through schools, direct payments and grants will not mean that the recipients of music therapy have to miss out.